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Minor bug fixed
Published on 11-03-2019


We have fixed minor bug in bitcoin faucet. You CAN click ads there multiple times now.


A Quick Start Guide
Published on 17-11-2018

If you want instant payments set your faucethub bitcoin address in our personal settings.


Earn quicky but competing our daily tasks every day.


Promote your referral link and earn 50% commission when your referral claiming or clicking ads.


Account balance withdrawals we processing each Thuesday. 

Dogecoin withdrawals.
Published on 09-10-2018



We set dogecoin withdrawals to no minimum. But please do not withdraw less than 1 doge because withdrawal fee is 1 doge.

You can find a button to withdraw doge in your account page.

Please note that we processing manual payments only in Tuesday.


Kind Regards,

GoldenFaucet Team

3 contests simultaneously!
Published on 29-09-2018

We running 3 contest simultaneously! Referral contest, bitcoin faucet claiming contest and dogecoin faucet claiming contest. Here is how it works:

Referral Contest:

Top referrer during the contest will earn 500 satoshi per referral. The prize value will be decreased by 10% for the next position, for example: second place will get 90% of top prize, it is 450 satohi. The 5th place will have 50% of top prize, it is 250 satoshi and so on up to 10th place. 10th place will earn 50 satoshi per referral at the end of the contests.

Bitcoin and Dogecoin claiming contest works on same way:

The 1st placed member will win 50% his earnings from claims straight into his balance. For example, if winner claimed 1000 satoshi, he will earn 500 extra!
Second place will win 45% his earnings, thirth will win 40% of his earnings, up to 10 the 10th spot member who will win 5% of his earnings.

All prizes will be assigned at the end of the contest!

Happy referring and happy claiming, good luck to all!

Dogecoin faucet
Published on 25-09-2018

Doge faucet is ready for you!

You can claim 0.18 doge every 5 minutes. Same as in Bitcoin faucet, your claim will be paid instantly to faucethub if you provided dogecoin address from your faucethub account.

If you do not have faucethub, your earnings will be credited to account balance. All referral earnings, does not matter if you have faucethub or not will be credited to account balance. You can withdraw dogecoin account balance when you collect 50 doge.

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