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Paid to Promote

Started by eduardo001 2020-03-24 at 13:05
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Hello guys!

We have new earnings way. It is Paid to promote. Promote your referral link and you will earn for each visitor!

Here is some key details how it works:

- Your earnings will depend of your signup conversion. For example, if you send 999 visitors during the week and have at least 1 sign up, you will earn 2500 satoshi. If you send 1999 visitors and still have only 1 sign up, you will earn 1000 satoshi. You can see more in PTP table:

- System counting traffic and sign ups in weekly basis. It means, system will reset PTP leaderboard table each Monday and you will get money every Monday for previous week.

- Do not cheat and do not send fake traffic. All traffic, each click that you send is visible for me. Do not make combination or Paid To Sign Up / refback and garbage traffic. No autosurf!

- If you need some suggestion where to promote for affordable price and with great sign up conversion, here it is:

- Litecoin Ads
- Coinadster
- DogeBitsFree
- faucetcrypto
- Visitbox
- Coinbulb
- Adbtc
- coinpayu

You can promote in any other site if traffic is not fraud. Those above are just recommendation from my personal experience.

Happy earnings!
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Admin nice!
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COOL !!!
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Thank You a lot Admin....
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nice news

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